• CCHS Hall of Fame

    The first Hometown Hall of Fame debuted in 2014 and introduced Dave Labrozzi as the Master of Ceremonies. Following that …

  • Mentors in our past

    In every season, we honor our mentors.

  • Mayor Carnovale


    (Copied from May 17, 2017, edition of Cameron County Echo) Emporium Borough Mayor, Bruno Carnovale, and current Borough Council President …

  • Picture of Land of the Endless Mountains

    Welcome Back Home!

    No matter where you live at this moment in time, or how long you have lived away, your hometown is and …

Signature Programs of HMI

Established as a Public Charity 501(c)3 in December 2011, Hometown Mentors, Inc. (HMI) continues to establish programs that will honor mentors, build projects and encourage the future in our hometown.


Inductees in HoF


Life Achievement Awards


You Make a Difference Awards


PO Box, Emporium, PA

The HMI Mission

“The mission of HMI is to promote Cameron County through various initiatives that showcase our hometown as a quality place to live and work as well as a favorable option for those considering relocation. HMI will promote professional mentorship between residents (past, current, and future) and promote opportunities for economic growth while honoring the heritage of the area. HMI’s objective is to establish and maintain various programs that will help us realize enhanced, sustainable professional and economic vitality.”

Meet the Volunteers