Panel Discussion, Jan. 1950


EMPORIUM – A panel discussion at the meeting of the Cameron County Parent-Teachers Association Thursday night, featured three speakers in the discussion of “What should the student’s report card contain and how should his [indistinguishable content]

Miss Margaret McDowell, a senior, presented the views of the student on the subject.  She stated some of the things that a report card means to the student and added some ideas on what report cards can mean from the standpoint of public relations between the school and the home.

Speaking from the viewpoint of a parent, Dr. Laurence L. Lathrop said that the report card should give the parent a picture of what the child is doing in the school.  He also

said that the report card should give an analysis of the attitudes and appreciations shown by the child in approaching the objectives set by the school.

John H. Bixler, high school instructor, emphasized the fact that the marks on the report card should be the fair and unprejudiced opinion of the teacher as to the work that the student was doing.  He indicated that this was the ideal objective, but that this is no simple matter, since teachers were human like other people and that there “was no” automatic device for giving marks.

Preceding the panel presentation, Lynn McCaslin led the group in the singing of popular songs with Mr. Ralph Merkel furnishing the accompaniment.

The article above was copied from the January 7, 1950 newspaper, Cameron County Press, and, because it brought to memory names of a number of my very own mentors, I thought it might be of interest to many of you.

I can see Lynn McCaslin’s face in my mind’s eye.  I remember the names Margaret McDowell, Laurence Lathrop, John Bixler and Ralph Merkel, but I just can’t seem to bring forth a picture.

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