She’s not wearing a mask

Photo by Cathy Straub

Cameron County Pennsylvania has many things to see and I must admit that having lived there and visited there over the last many years, this blogger has never seen a bear in the wild.  But Cathy Straub sees many.  Someone said that they must want their picture taken by Cathy.

Another friend of Cathy’s on FaceBook, gave us some interesting news about black bear.  She said, “I knew the gender had something to do with the ears and this is what I found:                                                          BLACK BEAR:

‘Look at the face and head of the bear. If the ears seem to be large in proportion to the head, and the face seems narrow instead of round, it is likely a female. A male usually has a wider and rounder head, making its ears appear smaller in proportion to its head’.

She continued, “Although I’d like to say ‘he’s’ handsome I think ‘she’s’ a beauty”.

Thank you so much for your wildlife pictures, Cathy Straub and for that great information, Dee.

Now, please remember, while outside in Cameron County, Pennsylvania, maintain a social distance from all bear.