Picture of Land of the Endless Mountains

Welcome Back Home!

No matter where you live at this moment in time, or how long you have lived away, your hometown is and will most likely always be, embedded in your memories and emotions.

The sights, sounds and smells of growing up seem never changing, never aging and always nostalgic.  Take, for instance the movie with Indiana, PA, native, Jimmy Stewart, "It's a Wonderful Life" or Charlie Pride's, "Christmas in my Hometown"

The fact of the matter is that our hometowns are brave and resourceful, while taking care of themselves. The volunteers are enthusiastic and their mission, to help, is met with thanks for their caring.  Our parents are moving into nursing homes or trying their best to remain independent.  Parents of our hometown's preteens worry about their children's education and future.  Parents of teenagers worry about their teen's choices as they gain more independence.

There is struggle every day to survive against all the things that worry the rest of the world and, really a struggle, just maintain the status quo.

Since we grew up there, the small town economies and population, has declined.  The population is aging and jobs, when available, require training that is not always available in the area.  The Per Capita taxes are high, the cost of living continues to rise and a few volunteers are working hard to improve the communities because they love our hometown as much as we do.  After all, "Emporium takes care of our own."

So, consider our nonprofit 501(c)3, Hometown Mentors, as a trusted conduit that brings friends and family, like you, home to help.  HMI has sponsored tributes for mentors, received national grants to rebuild a playground and we have instituted the Hometown Hall of Fame, in Emporium, PA.  These things brought encouragement and smiles to many, many faces of those living in Emporium (my hometown) and folks, like you, living elsewhere in the world.

Thank you for landing on our website.  We hope you want to spend some time learning about who we are and what we do.  Then, we hope that you will want to join us, from where you are currently, to virtually come back home to give back encouragement and help, for our projects.

We need your help with our mission. Your, made in the USA, hometown needs your help.  We invite you to join our email list to keep up with the activities of your hometown mentors and you are invited to contact us, if you have an interest in helping your hometown.