The Mysterious Monster on Gingerbread Lane

Hometown Mentors is happy to be taking pre-orders for Barbara Ryan’s first children’s book:  The Mysterious Monster on Gingerbread Lane“.  

Barbara Williams Ryan was born and raised in beautiful Cameron County, tucked in the mountains of North Central Pennsylvania. She and her family lived in Oakland County, Michigan for a few years in the 1990’s, but returned to their Cameron County roots for a simple, wonderful life. She is a recently retired RN after a 36 year career.

Known to her six, soon to be seven, grandchildren as BeBe, her greatest pleasure in life is time spent with her husband, three children and their spouses, and grandchildren.

It was during one of these times spent together, that this story was created. Barbara and her grandkids named the snowmen as they were decorated and Blue Bob was born.

Sprinkleville Citizens

All illustrations are pictures of the actual cookies decorated by the kids and arranged by the author.

Sprinkleville, where the frosted snow-people live, was named after Sizerville and BeBe’s book, like the cookies, were happily baked in Cameron County Pennsylvania.

BeBe’s book includes an ancient family cookie recipe which has been passed from generation to generation and originated “across the pond.”

Watch for book signing events when the weather breaks and watch for combined book signings with “A Duck Named Puddles

In the mean time, get your name on the pre-order list by clicking here or the title above.