An Amazing Attitude of Gratitude

By Kelly Bennett Spencer

May 14th, 2021. A special day for 2 reasons.
1) My Nana and Pappy began their lifelong marriage on this day 66 years ago. ??
2) Today marks one decade since I graduated from Houghton College.
To celebrate both, I want to tell you a little story.
     During one of my Winter breaks from school, I needed a certain sum of $ before the Spring semester started back up again. Money that I did not have. This was on top of all the amazing financial aid, scholarships, etc.. that I had already been

 so generously given.
     But…I did not have it and it was uncertain whether I would be able to return to Houghton that Spring.
In steps these two precious people. They were never rich by the world’s standards, but they covered the cost with money they had been saving to get a new roof.
     That is sacrifice. That is love.
     There have been so many people in my life that have demonstrated what generosity and sacrifice and what love looks like, but today I celebrate these two because it is their special day. ??
     I am a first generation college graduate and I am grateful to every person along my journey who made that possible.

Grandpa Bob Bennett

These two have never met, but share so much.

They both have killer smiles and April 10th is a very important date for both of them.
April 10th is the day that Ellee was born.
April 10th is also the day that Grandpa Bennett passed away nearly 40 years ago.

When I found out this connection, I bawled. ? Not because I thought it was sad, but because I think it’s so beautiful how God used Ellee to redeem such a hard, dark day for my dad.
What represented death, now represents life. ?


*I also never had the honor of meeting my grandfather, but from all I have heard, he was pretty great. Looking forward to meeting him in Heaven someday.