Invitation to join WCoNA

There is an organization that caters to writers in our neck of the woods and it is called WCoNA (Writers Conference of Northern Appalachia)  There is only ONE WCoNA and you can find more information about this small but mighty organization on their website: 

Also find the bios of those folks working hard to keep the organization going.

Cathy Swarmer says, “This is an invitation for our friends or friends of friends to join WCONA, the organization that gave me the courage to publish the three books that I’ve published this past year. You will also find my bio and exactly what motivates me to write about the people of Cameron County on this page:      You’ll have to scroll down to nearly the bottom –??? LOL”
If you have written anything about this area, or if you live in this area and write about the people or nature, we encourage you to check it out.