“Junkyard Jockey” Coming in September

JUNKYARD JOCKEY is a book about building a hotrod in the 1960’s with a big dream but no money. The manuscript is being edited and It has not been published yet. Launch date for the book is scheduled for September 2023.
We want you to know that this is not a biography about “Pete” Swarmer, but it is set in the era of his racing in the 1960’s.
Pete was looked up to by many youth in his day and JUNKYARD JOCKEY is about their desire to be like Pete and the shenanigans that ensue as they try to follow in the tire tracks of their dirt track idol.
Watch for a summary of JUNKYARD JOCKEY coming soon.
Steve Swarmer grew up in a dirt track racing family, as his Dad, Richard “Pete” Swarmer spent his lifetime racing. As Steve grew in the racing family, he watched as his famous Dad mentored him and others in the dirt track excitement.
JUNKYARD JOCKEY has Pete’s influence in a long ago conspiracy of youth who admired him so much, they went to many lengths (some a bit shady, but the statute of limitations is long over) to be like him and race at the local tracks.
Carl C Smith is the author of “Junkyard Jockey” a fun creative non-fiction story that includes one of Pete’s old race cars. It will be released in September, 2023.
We can’t wait for you to read about shenanigans in this true life story of Carl Smith and others who idolized Pete.
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