Established as a Public Charity 501(c)3 in December 2011, Hometown Mentors, Inc. (HMI) continues to establish programs that will honor mentors, build projects beneficial to Cameron County and encourage the future in our hometown by showing, through technology, the mentors of the past and present.

Dear Friends,

Emporium Mentors are the reason we exist. Our passion for those who have spent their lives making Cameron County a better place to live, is what keeps a smile on our faces and the skip in our steps.

With that in mind, HMI invites anyone, with a mentor associated with Cameron County Pennsylvania, to email pictures of your hometown mentor and a story of their life (500 – 3000 words) to [email protected].

Include things in their story associated with Cameron County i.e. were they born there? Where do/did they live? What is/was their claim to fame in Cameron County? And as many pictures as you would like to send.

These pictures and stories will appear on our website at no cost, within 4 to 6 weeks of your email. You will find a few examples of the type of stories, when you visit, .

Living or passed, male or female, parent or sibling, remembering these great people is what HMI is about and their story needs to be told. Most should have lived in Cameron County Pennsylvania, for at least 20 years at any time in their lives, but every Cameron County mentor will be accepted.

All the pictures currently on our website are taken by local Cameron County photographers and are of locations in and around Cameron County.

Our nonprofit is all volunteer and we welcome your input and involvement. If you would like to volunteer or have any questions we will be happy to answer your email to: [email protected]