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Hey did you hear about what’s going on April 14, next Saturday, At the Aroma Café in Emporium?  Not to worry, no matter where you are in the world, you will be able to view this unique event on line, LIVE, starting at 8:00 AM EDST

It is a fine new program called Hometown Mentors Round table.  Where we will listen to the stories of mentors and have a chance to ask questions.  Our mentors on April 14 are a retired elementary teacher, Twila Lyon Grimm, Emporium’s Mayor (Retired) Bruno Carnovale, Sylvania Retired Employee, Ken Ostrum.

As an added treat, Emporium Native and CCHS Class of 1977, Dave LaBrozzi, will host this unique event for your enjoyment.

An added bonus is that you can watch it live on YouTube!!  Go to Https://www.youtube.com/hometownmentorsOrgCharity/live.

Hometown Mentors, Inc. is a community interest organization which brings together two groups of trusted family & friends.  The first group are folks who once lived where you grew up but now live elsewhere in the world and the second group are the family and friends who currently live in your hometown.

We do this through the miracles of modern technology, the use of the Internet and Social Media.  When we get these groups of people together, there is combined help with financing and achieving projects and goals voiced by the current residents.  These groups have also come together in Creative services programs are:  The Hometown Hall of Fame, other events and awards honoring our hometown mentors.  We built a community playground with private donations and grants from Dr. Pepper and Snapple, Also Pirates Charities and Sheetz corporation gave more than $10,000 to improve the girls softball field in Emporium.

Saturday will be the “kickoff” of a technology project which will virtually bring you closer than ever to the people and current events in the town of Emporium, PA, where you grew up. You can watch live.

So be sure to tune in to our Hometown Mentors, Inc.  YouTube channel for our first Mentors Round Table.  You will see our LIVE event when you go on line to www.youtube.com/hometownmentorsOrgCharity/live .

You will be treated to a virtual conversation with questions and answers to learn what Emporium was like back in the day.  Our featured hometown mentors have lived a combined 243+ years in Emporium PA.  You just don’t want to miss this!!

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