My Dear Hometown Friends,

Where are your thoughts right now?

If you are like me, our thoughts range from peace to terror and back again along a very high bell curve.

It’s all about what’s happening in America with the Covid-19 virus and in the political realm as well, with friends and family fighting about who won and who didn’t.

This is to invite you to “COME HOME” to Cameron County for a few minutes each day.

Remember the times growing up in Emporium, Driftwood, Sinnamahoning?  Times playing in the “crick” and the fact that there was not one minute of world pressure.  We were all sheltered in our little rural town.

Remember walking on the sidewalks down town at Christmas time and any other time of the year?  You would see smiles from strangers, high waves and greetings from friends and maybe stand for 20 minutes talking about the things you were doing or planned to get done.

Neighbors would come over and help you rake leaves, shovel snow or just sit on the porch talking and sometimes solving all the world problems.

Come back home, right now.  Grab a cuppa coffee or tea and come back in our time machine of photographs and song.

See scenery from Cameron County through the lens of photographer, Cathy Straub.  Her pictures are posted with permission as her incredible eye for beauty manages to capture the unseen of Cameron County.

Listen to the song, THE SWING.  It was written especially for Ken Ostrum’s 80th birthday a number of years ago.  The lyrics were adapted from the poem, the swing, written by Ken the spring following the death of his one true love, Mary Jane.

Listening to the song and seeing the photography will transport you back in time, to a place where God blesses everyone with a slower, laidback existence.

Come on, let’s sit a spell on the swing in our hometown of Emporium, Pennsylvania.

It doesn’t take long to stay a while.

Your Forever Hometown Neighbor,

Cathy Ostrum Swarmer

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