My Hometown has the best mentors

The founder of HMI saw real needs in her rural, Pennsylvania, hometown of Emporium for help in making day to day life just a little more pleasant and she felt that there must be more former residents who want to find a way to give back to the place they call “Home”. She couldn’t be the only one.

During the initial research on how, exactly, to help bring money, experience and encouragement back home, she found that one way would be to have a nonprofit with an IRS tax exempt status of 501(c)3. Many can affirm that not much can be done, in the form of getting grants and major gifts, without having this status. So, she went to work to form a nonprofit corporation that would help the people still living in her hometown to be encouraged to move happily into the future.

With the enthusiastic help of a handful of volunteers who share her passion and love of Emporium, PA, Hometown Mentors was created. The status of “nonprofit charity” was certified by the IRS on December 8, 2011.

Over the next few years, the theory was proved and many worthwhile projects, private donations and grants gave encouragement back home. This volunteer corporation began to show Emporium, PA that she was not alone and the future would include all of us together.

Through the help of social media, former residents from all over the world raised their hands saying, I want to help. Working together with the resident mentors, these former residents give personal donations. Local agencies and foundations, along with state and national corporations give grants and HMI continues to work together with all the stakeholders in Emporium to prove this theory.

If you are interested in details of the projects, you can find more detailed information about HMI at our website:

The point is, that working together all of us can give back, pay it forward and make a difference in our hometown. A capitol building project is enthusiastically being studied to begin in 2018.

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