Kenneth Lee Ostrum

I just turned eighty-nine years young.

I live in the same town where I was born and raised.

I wrote my autobiography, from birth to age seventeen, in 1949 for an Emporium High School English assignment and graduated from high school in 1950.

My name is Ken Ostrum and my daughter put this book together to help raise funds for Hometown Mentors, Inc.

This is Julian.

Julian Chumacero is my Great-Great Nephew and he just received the copy his grandmother bought for him.  I’m shocked, but he says my book “is cool”.
Julian researches family history and has gathered information from census reports, death and marriage certificates and such.  I guess this is more entertaining and my family seems to enjoy reading, while being aware that I was only seventeen when I wrote it.  They say it’s a piece of history. “Yeah, right.”
My daughter, Cathy, found the essay in an old file and read it.  I never thought it anything special but when she put it with old pictures, it turned out so nice and I really can’t believe it is now a book.
My essay is 72 years old. It is original and was written as an English autobiography in 1949.  If you want to order it, all you need to do is click below.
Click here to Order “The First 17 Years Are the Hardest” by Ken Ostrum, directly from the author.
I’m biased, of course, but it is very unique.

Take a look at the electronic pages of Ken’s book.  But we are sure you will want to hold the actual book in your hand.


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