Mystery Photo Guess – Do you recognize these kids?

Emporium, PA “Hometownians”,  you are going to want to come back to our Facebook page, Hometown15834, often because we have a fun job for you.  We need your help in identifying the portraits that Tony Olivett took in the 1950s and 1960s. None were marked with names of the subjects.

Dave Olivett says, “It was a rare Emporiumite who did not find themselves in front of Tony Olivett’s camera”.   We want to thank Dave for the opportunity to take digital pictures of the awesome portraits in his Dad’s collection.  Because of his generosity, we are going to share those pictures with you, but we need your help.  Over the next few months, as there were nearly 200 pictures that we copied into digital, we will be asking you to help identify the people in the portraits.

I know that you will have fun because it was like a treasure trove of memories as I copied each of the pictures.  Some people I recognized, others I thought I recognized, but could not put a name on the face and still others were identified by my Dad or someone else.  I would wake up in the middle of the night, sit up in bed and say, “Now I remember who that is”.

The first family picture we need identified is the one in this post.  The year would be circa 1955, place is Emporium and the photographer, of course, is Tony Olivett.  We will also have this picture on our Facebook page (Hometown15834)  If you know the family in this portrait, please comment there.


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