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Ken Ostrum is this writer’s Dad.  And his Emporium High School essay, presented in his newest book, stood seventy years on the shelf.  I’m so happy for his dedication to keeping things of value and also for his organizational abilities, which I do not share, that allowed him to pull this essay off the shelf.

In this book, you will read Ken’s own words, written in April of 1949 by his seventeen year old self.  He will tell you himself that his memory would not allow him to recall these details at this time of his life.

Hometown Mentors, Inc, founded by Ken’s daughter a number of years ago, is publishing Ken’s essay as a way to celebrate his eighty-ninth birthday, January 26, 2021.

The thirty-three pages of “The First 17 Years Are the Hardest“, are filled with pictures taken in Cameron County, Pennsylvania.  Some of the pictures are new, some are old and all are black and white.

As Ken recalls his birth, seventeen years after the fact,  the story details were passed down from listening directly to his Mother and Aunts.

Ken also recalls when, one by one, his four brothers were drafted or went off to war in the forties.

The short story stops in his Junior year, in Emporium High School and is dedicated to his fellow classmates in the class of 1950.

We are so proud….. check that….. I am so proud of the life that my Dad has lived and the example that he gave me and my sisters through the years.  Ken Ostrum is truly a man who did not tell us how to live, but he showed us by example.  He gave unconditional love through the years, because Christ first loved him.

Happy Birthday, Dad!!  “Many happy returns from the day of your birth.  May sunshine and gladness be given.  May God in His Goodness prepare you on Earth, for a beautiful birthday in Heaven.” — as repeated every Sunday, at the Emporium First Baptist Church years ago.

Click here to pre-order this book…. No payment necessary at this time.

We hope you find this autobiography, of a boy in his teens, as interesting as we did.


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