Who are Hometown Mentors?

Do you remember Emporium?  How long did you live in Emporium?

Do you remember Cameron County?    How long did you live in Cameron County?

Do you rememberSylvania? This is amazing to me — Click “Sylvania” if you want to buy 2 Sylvania radio tubes for $250.

WHO do you remember from those places?  (Let your cursor hover over the picture to see the captions)

This website is a quiet place to virtually come back home and reminisce on your own or with others who, like you, grew up in our sheltered little neck of the woods.

Who was your “best hometown mentor”?

Hometown Mentors was created because we wanted the memory of our mentors to live on for future generations.

Our mentors helped create our character and encouraged us to push our limits in whatever endeavors we had.

They gave us motivation, at the start of our career path to do the best we could do, in whatever we chose as our profession.

They helped us learn that we could take a valuable place in this world, no matter how small our hometown was.

We want to remember those wonderful teachers and parents and scientists and clergy and retail entrepreneurs to live on in the stories of our youth.

We wanted to remember Ms. Sue Ann Beveridge.  And we were so happy when Ninety people came home, in 2013, to sing one more time with Ms. Sue Ann Beveridge.  What a fun-filled weekend that was.  She has since passed on but our memories of the smiles during that weekend will not fade soon.

Prospect Park Playground was revitalized by your hands and your donations.  Today’s kids have safe equipment to play on and so that they might be able to make memories at the playground, just like we did.

The Hometown Hall of Fame has many well known local names with, each one, jogging a memory from the past.

In this day and age of being together separately, we will continue to post stories of local mentors so that you can come back home through our website and reminisce any time you want.

That’s what Hometown Mentors is all about.

We need your help to maintain our website, if you have an extra $20 to spare, actually any amount is helpful.

For the last 9 years we have volunteered our time and money for operating Hometown Mentors and to create this site.  If you like what you see and would enjoy more stories, please click the donate button on the right or the bottom of the page, do donate what you can.  We certainly appreciate your encouragement.

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Rich LaBrozzi – Hometown Hall of Fame 2017

Hometown Hall of Fame – Who do you remember?

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