Puddles…. My Name is Puddles

New Children’s Book – Because you asked for it

Our new children’s book is available at BarnesandNobel.com.

Your children and you will fall in love with Puddles, as you read this unique, thirty page picture book called, “A Duck Named Puddles”

MEET THE AUTHORS: In the heart of the endless mountains and the Western Northern Tier of Pennsylvania, there is a valley in Cameron County.  Susie Singer and Cathy Ostrum Swarmer grew up in this 1 mile wide valley, in the town of Emporium.

The two were classmates through high school and graduated together. Small towns have a sense of everyone being “part of the family” and it shall be that way forevermore. Finding each other on Facebook, the two collaborated on writing this unique story of Susie’s pet duck, Puddles, who is way more than a duck. Puddles is part of the family.

Both Susie and Cathy are semi-retired, so now is the time of their life.

Susie is a nurse and Cathy is the founder and volunteer executive director for the nonprofit corporation, Hometown Mentors, Inc. (HMI) A portion of the profits from the sale of Puddles book will go to HMI.

We hope you enjoy the family feel of this book about Puddles. She is truly a Lucky Duck.

by Susie Singer and Cathy Ostrum Swarmer
FORMAT: Hardcover w/ Printed Case
ISBN: 9781663537706
SIZE: 8.5″ x 8.5″
List Price: $17.60
On Sale Now at BarnesandNobel.com exclusively

FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781663535726
SIZE: 8.5″ x 8.5″
PAGE COUNT: 30 List Price: $12.99
On Sale now at BarnesandNobel.com exclusively



Hi Hometown Folks,

My name is Puddles.  The picture to the left, is not me, but this is what I looked like before I hatched.  See how much bigger I was than a little chicken egg.

YIKES, I just noticed the carrots above the eggs and realize how LUCKY I am to be so ADORABLE!

My Mom, Susie Singer, said I “made a break” for it as I hatched on Feb 22, 2019.

She found me at a farm store in Clearfield, Pa.  She said, (I love to hear her tell the story), that as soon as she saw me,  (face it, I am adorable) she knew she had to have me.  She sure took a fancy to me.


People ask my mom why a duck? Although I get highly offended by that, she simply states, “why not”!  I LOVE my Mom!

I grew very quickly from a teeny yellow ball of fluff to a beautiful white duck.  I can relate to the old fairy tale, “The Ugly Duckling”.   I think the title is all wrong.  That title should have been “The Prepubescent Swan”.

Maybe I’m not a swan, but I am a beautiful American Pekin Duck and I’m all white.  It doesn’t take long to loose all my yellow fluff (note my tale feathers) and become a white duck.  It’s only about two months.

Mom knows how much “pekin” I do, because she left a dish of macaroni salad one day, and I pecked it and Hmmmm, it was all gone by the time she came back into the room.  I think she knew what happened to it, but she was cool about it, and added macaroni salad to the list of foods I eat.

My ancestors were domesticated around 3000 years ago in China.  We do not fly away in the fall….we are here to stay.  Of course I would never fly away from my Mom, anyway.  I’ve heard that Ten Million of ducks like me, end up in the roaster just in the United States.  Nope…. Not gonna happen!!

Most American Pekins live ten to fifteen years.  My Mom says that her kids will have to fight over me when she is in the nursing home.  But, No, I’m going to go with her.

I do like her kids and grandkids.  They play with me and even put my picture on a birthday cake one time.  Then there are friends who take care of me when my Mom goes to the ocean.  She needs her time away and, although I love to ride in the car for short trips, do you know how far away that big ocean is?

I am a female, but when us ducks first peck into this world, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to tell my gender.   Mom said that she called her first baby duck, “Willie”, and then one day, low and behold she laid an egg.  That must have surprised my Mom a lot.

Well, enough about Mom, let me tell you about my day.


During the day, I spend most of the time outside foraging for bugs, and eating them.  The thing about bugs is that they don’t come in a dish.  I actually have to search for them.  It takes up my time and I can always count on Mom to have good things to eat, that DO come in a dish.

So, the bugs are just a game that I play outside. 

My daily meals, which I eat three times a day, include yummy things like 1/4 cup duck grain, 1/4 cup oyster shell, 1/4 cup shredded mozzarella cheese, 1/4 cup of lettuce or spinach, and last but not least is my favorite… 1/4 cup fresh blueberries.

I Especially, like blueberries for treats.  Yum!  Who wouldn’t?



I love my swimming pool and when it is hot, I enjoy swimming.

No, I don’t “enjoy” it, I absolutely positively need to paddle my webbed feet in water.  I may look calm on the top, but I’m paddling like….  well really fast….  under the surface of the water.

The best is when Mom takes me to her Brother-in-law’s pond and he let’s me swim.



I also have a nest outside where I can take a break and lay my eggs….

Please do not disturb.  Do you like to have someone watch you, when you’re laying your eggs?

Oh, wait.  Of course you don’t lay eggs.  I forgot for a minute.  Because I have been raised close to Mom and her friends I don’t know I am a duck, sometimes…..



My Mom even takes me into schools, nursing homes, senior centers, and children play groups.  She tells them all about ducks and they really seem to like me.
















Well, she used to take me places, but we had to stop for a while because of that really bad 2020 virus.

Because of the virus, Mom wears a duck mask sometimes.

See, even if I’m adopted, we still look a lot alike.

I’m a lucky duck, cause I sleep in my mom’s house every night.

I have a collapsable bed that my Mom got just for me.

My bedtime is around 10pm and Mom gives me a snack.

Then I sleep the whole night through, dreaming my duck dreams.

I am very quiet.


I wake up around 7am and then, I am ready for my breakfast and ready for the rest of the day.

I keep busy searching for bugs, getting dirty if it’s muddy and sometime during each day, I lay an egg.

The eggs end up either in my bed or outside in my nest.  It depends on where I am when they come out. 

As you can see in the first picture, my eggs (well all duck eggs) are much larger than a chicken eggs.

And, I’m an essential worker, as many people come to our house, just to get my eggs.

Mom (Susie Singer) says: Puddles is actually quite a celebrity in Johnsonburg, PA.   


Everybody knows who she is as she goes to nursing homes, schools, daycares and they get a great education about ducks.”  Susie does a show and tell with her eggs , where she lives and answers any questions they have. 

“I’ve raised her since she was six weeks old”.

If Puddles looks familiar to you, it could be because she is famous as a “Calendar Girl” for Dairy Queen.

DISCLAIMER:: We hope you enjoyed the story of Puddles. It would be easy to want to get a duck of your own, but please remember that any pet is a part of your family and needs to be a good fit for your family. Do not get a pet, simply because they are cute. We do not recommend that you bring a duck into your home, unless you are positive that you can provide for your new family member for the next ten to fifteen years — a LIFETIME.

If you have questions for Susie, you may send them to: hometown.mentors@gmail.com. We will forward your questions on to Susie and Puddles.

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