The CCHS Class of 1970 were my mentors


Fifty years!!  My goodness but you are old!

Remember, when we were all waiting in the halls of good ole CCHS for the bell to ring and homeroom to begin?

I’ll bet you didn’t even see us, the class of ’71, then.  We were, afterall, mere underclassman.  Well, there were some marriages between our two classes, so I guess some of you noticed some of us.  I’m guessing that it was those bus trips when we were all closed in together for hours at a time.

Wait, we are all stuck at home now, and it just isn’t as much fun as being stuck together on those trips.

I’m sad that you have waited so long and now you can’t celebrate your fifty year reunion.

That makes me sad, in a way.  But excited at the same time, because you will all be home, in Emporium, when my class of 1971 celebrates our fifty years.

There will be a HOT TIME IN THE OLE TOWN THAT NIGHT!!  You won’t mind waiting just a bit, will you?

Seriously, this post is written to say congratulations to the Seniors –  Hey, you were seniors then and you are seniors AGAIN!

We can’t wait to celebrate with you… hang on until then.  GO BIG RED!!

Red and White, we sing our praise to you
and to our Alma Mater, we will e’er be true
We hail thee, oh High School fair and strong
We will always cherish thee, oh hear our song
So we will cheer, cheer, cheer, Alma Mater, Our ray of guiding light
We proudly sing, hail all hail, for the Red and the White

See you next year,

Cathy Ostrum Swarmer – CCHS 1971




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