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Visit Emporium, PA via Webcams

HMI re-discovered a great website today that allows us to view Fourth and Broad Streets in our Hometown, Emporium, PA. Check it out!

Click here to visit the webcams.

HMI wants to thank those who have worked to make these webcams possible.  It’s a GREAT way to see home:  “Brought to you through a cooperative effort between The Emporium Borough and the Emporium Foundation, and with technical help from Ed Moate, Dennis Trunzo at Techthority Solutions, and Randy Frey. This is the first of several webcams that will be broadcast live in the Emporium Borough.
We experienced some difficulties and delays with this project, but will be working throughout the winter to bring the rest of the cams online. If you click on the video feed it will zoom in. Every single click is 50% more zoom. You can then use your arrow keys on keyboard to move around in the feed. When done just double click the feed to reset the zoom.”


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